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hardwood refinishing El Centro, CA

Hardwood is unique because, as a natural flooring option, it can be refinished. Hardwood refinishing will keep the floor looking good as new, and it also ensures that the surface remains protected over time. Let the experts at Gordon’s Carpet One in El Centro, CA help you handle refinishing. 

There’s a simple test to determine if your hardwood floors need to be refinished.  First, wipe off the floor so it is free of any dirt or other debris. Now, with a dropper, drop water onto the surface. If the water stays in a bead, it means the finish on your flooring is still strong and the wood underneath is protected. However, if the water soaks into the wood after a few minutes, it means your finish is starting to deteriorate. While it isn't necessary to refinish the floor immediately, you should definitely keep it in mind. If, however, the drop of water is fully absorbed into the floor’s surface, then the floor needs to be refinished.

The process to have your hardwood flooring refinished is relatively straightforward if you rely on our professionals. Our professionals will sand the surface to remove any blemishes and scratches and to keep the floor smooth. Also, significantly damaged planks are also replaced, and thick, deep cracks are filled in with special filler. The refinishing process depends on the type of hardwood and the severity of wear, but rest assured that our professionals are able to handle any and everything.  

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