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Luxury vinyl tile (often referred to simply as LVT) has quickly become one of the most popular flooring options in homes. LVT is made to look almost exactly like natural floors such as hardwood and stone, but it is resistant to almost anything life has to offer. As a result, unlike hardwood and stone, LVT is suitable for any room in the home. We at Gordon’s Carpet One are currently featuring Invincible LVT.

Invincible LVT combines style, durability, and comfort because of its unique six-layered structure.

Intensity Surface Shield: provides extra toughness and strength against all external impacts

Protective wear layer: strong and even textured for a realistic feel underfoot

Design layer: 4D patterned image of either wood or stone that provides the floor with a natural look that, even after first glance, looks totally authentic

Intelligent support system: forms the core of the floor and is flexible enough to handle any environmental condition

SuperBase construction: functions as a soundproof base that’s great for areas where there is consistent foot traffic

MoistureLoc watertight seal: four-sided and waterproof joint that will not loosen under tension

Invicible LVT is available in wood and stone looks, as well as ceramic tile looks. To learn more, be sure to visit our El Centro, CA store today. Invincible LVT is only available at Carpet One stores, so we are one of the only stores in the area with a selection!  We also offer an exclusive selection of Invincible H2O.