Premium stain resistance from Bigelow STAINMASTER


STAINMASTER carpet El Centro, CA

Visit Gordon’s Carpet One in El Centro, CA to take advantage of our selection of Bigelow STAINMASTER.  As you can imagine, Bigelow STAINMASTER has all of the unique and time-tested features of a STAINMASTER carpet.  

Tactesse nylon, also called nylon 6.6, is STAINMASTER's signature fiber.  Instead of the nylon strands coming through round hole extruders, STAINMASTER's nylon 6.6 assumes a three-point shape from a centralized hub. Although this particular detail can't be seen by the naked eye, it dramatically enhances the luxurious feel and appearance of the carpet while eliminating shedding and fuzziness common to other carpet materials.  At the same time, the fibers remain extremely difficult to stain.  

Even after brushing, vacuuming, and cleaning repeatedly, those ugly crush spots left behind by heavy furniture feet can remain for years.  Even heavy foot traffic can permanently damage a carpet’s appearance.  STAINMASTER's nylon 6.6 technology, however, prevents crush spots from permanently marring your carpet by rebounding almost immediately following impacts.  Any crushing or matting that you do see can be fixed by a steam cleaning as well.   

While regular padding often allows subfloors to suffer water damage by simply soaking up liquid that seeps through carpets, STAINMASTER carpet padding incorporates Hytrel technology, a type of breathable barrier to moisture that protects subfloors.  As a result, STAINMASTER carpets remain water and stain resistant!

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