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Long-lasting comfort and stain resistance from Tigressa

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Tigressa's Selection

Gordons-Carpet-One-Floor-and-Home-El-Centro-CA-Tigressa-CarpetsStop by Gordon’s Carpet One at our new El Centro location and check out our selection of Tigressa carpets. Tigressa, which is exclusive to Carpet One stores, combines durability and softness to create a carpet with long-lasting and reliable comfort.

Tigressa carpets are simply stronger and softer than most carpets. The resilient fibers and additional filaments per square inch show less matting and crushing, and there also is a patented color system that keeps colors deep and clean. At the same time, the advanced yarn engineering and unique fiber shape ensure that the carpet remains soft.

There are three separate Tigressa carpets available: SoftStyle, Comfort, and H2O. Tigressa SoftStyle is designed to be the softer, stronger carpet. It maintains its colors over time, and it is available in a variety of distinct patterns and textures. Tigressa Cherish is considered super-soft because of its specially-made nylon fibers. It is available in 22 styles that combine unique textures, patterns, and plush. For a truly advanced carpet, choose Tigressa H2O.  Tigressa H2O repels all stains, and it remains totally waterproof!

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