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Carpet Flooring in El Centro, CA

Carpet flooring remains a popular addition to American homes. Providing comfort and texture, carpet can help you conserve energy costs while protecting your subfloor. Finding the carpet that’s an ideal match for your space and functional needs is something you won’t regret. An essential part of finding the perfect carpet is understanding the different carpet types, their functions, and their capabilities.


At Gordon’s Carpet One Floor & Home, proudly serving greater El Centro, CA, and surrounding towns, we carry a wide range of carpet flooring products that are sure to please everyone. With stunning selections made by Masland, Tigressá, LEES, and others, let us be your destination for better carpet choices.


Types of Carpet


Your new carpet flooring purchase will represent a sizeable investment, so it’s essential to consider your needs carefully. Factors such as wear, durability, and stain resistance should all be on your checklist. Attaining the perfect carpet for your allotted space means finding the perfect combination of style and performance, allowing your rug to complement your space for as long as possible. A key component of your carpet’s function is its pile or fiber. There are five types of carpet pile: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush. Carpet pile can be made from synthetic materials, like nylon, or natural materials, like wool.


Nylon carpet is a serious synthetic that’s currently quite popular due to its amazing durability and softness. Nylon is made to manage heavy usage, and resists sun-fading and most stains thanks to a protective coating. It’s a favorite for residential and commercial use alike but can be pricey. Polyester carpet is another type of synthetic that’s made to look and feel a lot like nylon carpet but is more budget friendly. Although there was once a time when polyester carpet was considered inferior, today’s refined polyesters are a lot tougher on stains and are made to last longer.


Triexta carpet is an extremely enduring synthetic, with patterned textures that are rougher to the touch as to conceal debris, dust, and footprints. It’s great for commercial spaces but is also a favorite of homeowners who simply need tougher carpet. Olefin/polypropylene carpet is a luxuriously soft synthetic that feels much like velvet fabric. It has beautiful patterns, but since it doesn’t conceal footprints, is better reserved for formal, quieter rooms that don’t get a ton of foot traffic.


Wool carpet is a natural product using fibers obtained from sheep sheerings, resulting in a rug that’s very soft, very warm, and long-lasting. It is hypoallergenic and resists moisture, mold, and mildew. It also holds its colors very, very well and won’t easily fade.


Carpet Installation


Carpet is considered perfect flooring in comfort and warmth, making it a sensible option for bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms, and dens. There are stain-resistant and hard-wearing carpets for commercial spaces, hallways, and stairs. These varieties are also an excellent choice for children’s playrooms or places where pets frequently frolic. However, carpet flooring isn’t your best pick for bathrooms or kitchens.


Our Carpet Selection


As proud members of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative, Gordon’s Carpet One offers incredible variety, value, and localized services. To learn more about our many brilliant carpet options or check out our latest product displays, please visit us soon at 945 N. Imperial Avenue in El Centro, CA. You can also shop some of our carpet selections online.


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Caring for Carpet Flooring


Easy to care for and always convenient,

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