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Living room with hardwood flooring and fireplace

Hardwood Flooring in El Centro, CA

While resilient options like luxury vinyl and laminate have gained popularity, hardwood remains a top choice among homeowners for its unmatched style and character. And if you’re looking for the timeless elegance and natural charm of hardwood flooring near you in El Centro, CA, the experts at Gordon’s Carpet One Floor & Home can help! We're not just your local hardwood flooring retailer, we're your trusted hardwood flooring experts. 


Before you consider which hardwood floors to install in your home, let’s go over the types of hardwood flooring below and why it continues to be a flooring favorite.


The Different Types of Hardwood Flooring at Gordon’s Carpet One

Here at Gordon’s Carpet One of El Centro, you can choose between two main types of hardwood: solid and engineered. Keep reading to learn more about these two types of hardwoods and their benefits.


Solid Hardwood Flooring


Engineered Hardwood Flooring


5 Tips to On Choosing the Best Hardwood for Your CA Home

Our experts can help you choose the best hardwood flooring to meet your needs and budget! Here are 5 tips to help you choose the best hardwood for your California home:


  1. Lifestyle: Is your home a quiet retreat or a bustling household with pets and children? Choose the hardwood type that best matches your lifestyle.
  2. Room Usage: For moisture-prone areas like kitchens and baths, choose engineered hardwood or explore waterproof options.
  3. Durability: Engineered hardwood is preferable for active households with high foot traffic, as it resists scratches and wear.
  4. Aesthetic Preference: Choose hardwood species, colors, and finishes that align with your interior design vision.
  5. Refinishing Potential: If you value refinishing capabilities, solid hardwood offers more frequent refinishing opportunities.

Popular Hardwood Floor Styles in El Centro, CA

Here at Gordon’s Carpet One, we are constantly stocking up on the hottest styles of flooring. Whether you need a timeless look or are looking for something on-trend, we’ve got you covered. Some popular hardwood styles include:


The Best Floors for Your Kitchen & Bath

Moisture can be a major factor that affects hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood is naturally sensitive to moisture, which can cause permanent damage. Here’s how you can prevent moisture damage:


Engineered Hardwood: A Flooring Choice for All Interiors

For busy households, scratches and dents are common occurrences. While solid hardwood is durable, it's not entirely immune to these issues. Engineered hardwood is a resilient choice for active households, designed to endure daily wear and tear more effectively. Engineered Hardwood can be installed in various rooms, including:


Refinishing Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring

Unlike some flooring types, hardwood floors can be refinished! Keep in mind that solid hardwood can be refinished more frequently compared to engineered hardwood due to its layered structure. 


FAQs on Hardwood Flooring

Q: Can my hardwood flooring be installed in bathrooms and kitchens?

A: It's best to avoid hardwood flooring in moisture-prone rooms due to potential water damage.


Q: Can I refinish my engineered hardwood flooring?

A: Engineered hardwood can also be refinished, though less often. This process should be done under the supervision of a professional who is familiar with all engineered flooring types.


Q: Which type of hardwood is more durable for active households?

A: Engineered hardwood is designed to handle wear and tear better, making it a great choice for busy households.


Q: Can hardwood flooring be installed in basements?

A: While engineered hardwood is suitable for basements, it is best to check with a professional who can better asses your specific installation area. 


Quality Hardwood Flooring Near You in El Centro, CA

Are you searching for quality hardwood flooring in El Centro, CA, to elevate your home or office? Look no further than Gordon’s Carpet One Floor & Home. With top brands and expert services like installation and refinishing, we're your neighborhood hardwood experts. We offer an extensive selection of hardwood flooring, making us your trusted source in the El Centro area. Visit our showroom to browse our current hardwood flooring selection today. 

Which Hardwood Species Works Best?

Choosing the right hardwood species for your CA home can be just as important as the style!
Herringbone patterned Hardwood Flooring in Living Room with Chair and Table

Bathroom Design Tips

Want to really impress your guests? Here are some tips on ways to turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat.
Hardwood Flooring in Bathroom with Tub, Sink, Mirror, and Cabinets
Dining room with hardwood floors and round table

Find Your Perfect Hardwood Flooring

Browse our online selection of popular and timeless hardwood flooring styles!


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